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Each bag contains a combination of Rice Cereal, Pretzels, Pecans, topped off with our special caramelizing recipe, & oven baked to perfection!Learn More

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Our Caramel Crunch is a delicious creation we happily share, with a recipe containing a secret ingredient we carefully protect. Each batch is hand made for you to enjoy!Try A Sample!

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"Building a business on taste & a legacy on dedication!"

Lisa's Story

To our sister Lisa, love was always a pantry staple in her kitchen. It was the magic addition that gave a certain flavor and aroma the power to bring a family together year after year, reconnecting while enjoying the home-grown traditions that make that family household, and that kitchen special.

Loved by Everyone

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    Seth Green

    Actor / Comedian

    Jeez, you've hooked me on @Leesa's Secret Snacks but I've decided it's healthy since there's nuts #CandyCrack

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    Hugh Sterbakov

    Emmy-nominated writer

    Leesa's Secret Snacks is so good that I once had to be taken away in an ambulance from eating so much. When I woke up, I ripped out my IV and my catheter, ninja skulked out of the hospital and walked ten miles in an open hospital gown, just to get home so I could eat another bag. You might like it too.

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    Nancy Davis

    Nancy Davis Foundation

    A sensational sweet-salty treat that tantalizes the taste buds! One of our favorite snacks and delicious treats, we were honored that MSCC generously donated to our 2013 Race to Erase MS Gala gift bags and shared their company mission and love for their amazing product to all our celebrities and guests. A scrumptious, playful treat that our guests raved about. Leesa's Secret Snacks is an incredible team, and we are addicted to the caramel crunch!